Benefits of Solar Energy

Why You Should Make The Move to Solar

Why Go Solar?

As more people convert to solar energy systems, the more positive impact we collectively create for our planet and communities. This powerful shift towards sustainable energy sources has far-reaching benefits that extend beyond individual homes and businesses. Solar energy advantages are not only limited to reducing your electricity bill but also to creating a brighter tomorrow with a sustainable energy source for the growing energy demand.
The sun can produce more energy in one day than the world needs in a whole year. A solar panel captures that energy and converts it into usable electricity.
At Hills Natural Solar, we believe that the decision to go solar is not just a practical choice, but a transformative one that paves the way for a sustainable future. Our commitment to being at the forefront of the solar industry is rooted in the undeniable benefits that solar energy brings to your life, your pocket, and the planet. We believe that getting a solar energy system is not only the better choice. It is our responsibility as stewards of the environment. We need to take care of our current resources for future generations to come. Getting a solar system is the smart and reasonable choice!

Let's delve deeper into why getting a solar system with us is a step towards a cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective energy solution.


Save money by cutting the cost of your power bill dramatically.

According to the Clean Energy Council guidelines, a 6kW solar system in Sydney facing north will produce an average of 24kWh a day, outputting more power in summer and less in winter. 

You do the maths- If the average home pays 25-30 cents per kWh (depending on the price of your power) that equates to $6 per day in savings(24kWh x .25c) or $180 per month in savings ($6x 30days) or $540 per quarter in savings ($180 x3 months) That's potential for a huge decrease if not complete elimination of your power bill depending on your usage*.

When you get a solar energy system, you're saving yourself money in the long run and investing in a viable renewable energy source that's good for the environment. Hills Natural Solar are accredited Clean Energy Council Installers and Designers.


Electricity prices are set to increase over the coming years. 

Now is the perfect time to implement solar power into your home so that you don’t notice the price increases that the government keep passing our way. The price of electricity has already increased by 20% in 2022 and is set to increase by a further 30% in 2023/2024. And it's going to keep increasing.

Getting solar panels and solar energy storage to effectively gather solar energy and produce electricity on your own is a practical way to mitigate the effects of rising energy costs.

Since electricity bills are expected to rise continuously, solar energy offers a stable, predictable energy source that can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your monthly energy expenses. With our expertly designed solar systems, you'll generate your own electricity, ensuring long-term savings that make a noticeable difference in your household or business budget.


Provide a cleaner future for generations to follow.

Australia uses around 15,800-kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. If most Australians start embracing solar power systems, we'd be slowing down the rise of greenhouse gases that contribute to the rapid climate change and enhanced global warming happening today. Let's all work together to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment so that our families can have a brighter future.

By embracing solar power, you're embracing a cleaner and greener source of energy. Traditional energy sources generate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and air pollution. Solar energy, on the other hand, produces no harmful emissions, making it an environmentally responsible choice. At Hills Natural Solar, we're passionate about providing an energy alternative that reduces your carbon footprint and helps preserve our planet for future generations.


Utilise rebates and government incentives for solar

The Australian government offers a number of different rebates and incentives for those who install solar panels, which can help offset the cost of installation. We've helped many owners of residential solar energy systems access many of these incentives.

When you choose Hills Natural Solar, our team will guide you through the available incentives, rebates, and tax credits specific to you. We ensure that you will be able to maximise the financial benefits of getting your own solar power system, making the transition even more rewarding for you and your family.


Create a postive environmental impact

Transitioning to solar energy is a powerful way to contribute to a cleaner environment. With every kilowatt-hour of electricity generated from solar panels, you're reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising your ecological footprint. By going solar and supporting solar power systems, you're becoming part of a global movement towards a sustainable future.

On average, Australia gets more sunlight than any other country in the world. This means that solar panels placed in Australia will be able to absorb more sunlight and convert it into electricity.

Your Clean Energy PRoviders

At Hills Natural Solar, we're not just in the business of installing solar panels. We're in the business of transforming lives through clean energy. Our expertise, passion, and commitment are aimed at delivering a solar solution that aligns with your values and goals. Join us on this journey to a brighter, cleaner, and more prosperous future. Contact us today to learn more about how going solar can benefit you and the planet.

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